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UGO Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Wireless Speaker

12-Month Manufacturer Guarantee

All products sold by have a 12-month Guarantee against manufacturer's defects. If you feel your product is defective please consult our troubleshooting guide. Often, the answer to your problem can be found there. If this does not solve your problem contact our Custom Service Department and give a detailed description of your problem and what steps you have already taken to correct it. If we determine that your product is defective send it to the address below. Warranty void if the speaker has been opened or tampered with.

Authorization for a return is not automatic and must go through an approval process before any Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number is given.

Please contact us at

Ship returns and exchanges to:

UGO Speakers
110 S. Mary Ave. Ste. #2-148
Nipomo, CA 93444 USA


The 12-month manufacturer guarantee does not apply to products that have been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, opened, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning products.

The 12-month manufacturer guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents.

The 12-month manufacturer guarantee does not cover damages caused by external factors such as exposure to the sun, water, dust or extreme heat.

The 12-month manufacturer guarantee does not apply to discount items; or any products not purchased from

Please review our Lifetime Warranty for additional replacement options for a small shipping and environmental fee.

UGO Lifetime Warranty

Buy it once. Own it for life.

What is a Lifetime Warranty?

Think -Extended Warranty-. Many stores offer the option to purchase an extended warranty at the "time of sale". This can be a one to three year extension of the manufacturers warranty. The longer it goes the more it costs, but inevitably this warranty runs out. If your device never breaks it is money wasted.

Lifetime Warranty Vs Extended Warranty - What's The Difference?

UGO allows you to buy a the warranty 'AFTER' your device is broken. So if your speaker never breaks you dont need to pay anything.

Why Is It Called A Lifetime Warranty?

Because unlike an extended warranty it never expires. Buy it when you need it and have the assurance that you will enjoy your UGO speaker for life.

What Does It Cover?

Lifetime Warranty on all UGO Speakers We will replace any UGO Speaker with a new one at anytime. It doesn’t matter how long you have owned it or how you obtained it or what happened to it. We will replace your broken (or even if it is not broken) speaker with the latest version of that speaker for *FREE. (*plus shipping, handling and environmental fee). How to take advantage of the Lifetime warranty:
  1. Click here and select your product.
  2. Pay the shipping, handling & environmental fee associated with the product you want replaced.
  3. Print your receipt.
  4. Send your old UGO speaker along with this receipt to:
    UGO Speakers
    110 S. Mary Ave. Ste. #2-148
    Nipomo, CA 93444 USA
  5. We will send you the latest version of the speaker you selected as soon as we receive your old speaker.

UGO Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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