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Battery for Ugo Bluetooth Speaker (UGOBTB)
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Battery for Ugo Bluetooth Speaker

 How to change the battery on your Bluetooth UGO.

 Turn the speaker upside down.


 Gently peel the non-skid rubber donut off the bottom. Place this to the side with sticky side up.


 Remove the three Phillips head screws from the plastic case.


 Lift off the plastic cap and place to side.


 Gently pry the green circuit board from the three posts that hold it.

Note position.


 You will see the battery under this. It is attached to the green circuit board with a tiny white plug.


 Carefully pull out the plug. Pry the battery up. It is secured with a piece of double sided tape.


 Plug the new battery in to the circuit board. Secure the battery with a new piece of double sided tape or dab some craft stick to keep the battery from rattling. It doesn’t necessarily rattle but a piece of tape or some glue will insure it does not.


 Replace the green circuit board onto the three posts. If the plastic control buttons fall out during this process just set them back into place and sandwich them under the circuit board.


 Place the plastic cap back on. It can only go one way. Check the alignment of the buttons and ports. Screw the three screws back in and replace the rubber donut. (It should stick right back on.)