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10 foot extension cable for 3.5mm connection (UGO10ft)
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10 foot extension cable for 3.5mm connection

The perfect accessory for adding BIG separation between two speakers or for lengthening the distance between audio device and speaker when using a wired connection. This 10 foot long cable has one female and one male end which attaches to any UGO Bluetooth or Mini speaker.


Make a bluetooth connection to one UGO speaker and then use this cable to jump the same audio signal to a second speaker... or a third or a fourth. No limits here. You can daisy chain together as many as you want.

Can also be plugged into any headphone jack: For example your TV set. Then plug the other end  into any UGO speaker to create a remote speaker that can be approximately 12 feet away from the source. Great for watching TV in bed or for people who are hard of hearing. Get more speakers and more cables and you can connect as many as you want to the same wired source.