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Mini Speakers

The ultimate combination of versatility and portability

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Setero UGO Set

Completely self contained stereo system

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UGO Accessories

The perfect accessories for your UGO Mini Speakers

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UGO Headphones

UGO Tangle Free Earbuds. Your music - untangled

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Say Hello to UGO

Change the way you hear music

All wireless mini speakers are not created equal. Connect UGO to your favorite device and enjoy the deep bass and clear tones of your favorite music. You won't believe that a package so small can create sound so big. UGO Bluetooth wireless mini speakers are the ultimate combination of versatility and portability. Bluetooth connectivity will stream your music wirelessly from up to 30 feet away, without a mess of wires or a speaker dock system. Cut the cord and bring the freedom of movement to your music with UGO wireless mini speaker - premium sound wherever you go.

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UGO Mini Speakers

UGO Mini has a tough and durable Anodized aluminum exterior with 6 unique vibrant colors

The perfect traveling companion, bring your music, movies and phone calls to life when you plug into a UGO mini speaker. It's a baby but you don't have to treat it like one. Rugged construction, dynamic sound and ease of use are only a few of the reasons you will want to take the UGO mini speaker with you everywhere you go. Works with iPod, Android, Computer, iPhone, Portable Gaming Devices, iPad, Tablets, Cell Phones, Kindle, Nook and Other eBook Readers.

So Easy To Use - Just Plug & Play

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